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Basement Bar

Are you considering adding a basement bar as part of your basement remodel? They make a fantastic addition to a finished basement with a family room, a game room, or an entertainment room. After all, what kind of entertainment doesn’t go down smoother with a drink or two?


Your basement bar can be anything from a cabinet and a countertop to an elaborate mini-kitchen with a sink and a fridge. It can be carved, polished wood, it can have a marble countertop, it can have a gorgeous stained glass backdrop. Chandeliers? Recessed lighting? It’s all up to you.


Whether you want simple or elaborate, it’s entirely up to you. Your basement bar can even mimic the look of your favorite bar! Cheers, anyone? You can even give your own bar the feel of a sports bar with the inclusion of a flat screen on the wall in front of the seats!
Of course, the amount of space available will determine the size of your basement bar. But if space is no obstacle, then you have many options. Short and straight? Long and curved? Going around a corner of the room? In front of a window? Or with shelving behind it to show off your bottles of premium liquor?



At Colorado Finished Basement, we have been creating custom-designed basement bars for our clients for over twenty years.