Bathroom Remodel 1 by Colorado Finished Basements

Added basement functionality

When it comes to your finished basement, there are few things that will make it more usable than a good bathroom. With a bathroom in the basement, a lot of benefits can be derived. For starters, it can ease congestion in the bathrooms in the rest of the house. A basement bathroom is perfect for those times you throw a party or play host to out of town guests.

What’s more, adding another bathroom, basement or anywhere else, adds great value to your home, which might easily pay for itself in ROI if you go to sell the home.

If you are finishing your basement, perhaps adding a home office, an extra bedroom, or even an entire mother in law apartment, another bathroom in the basement is an absolute must.

Here at Colorado Finished Basement, we have over fifteen years of experience adding everything and anything homeowners could want to their basements, including bathrooms. Your new basement bathroom can be as plush or as spare as you choose. The fixtures can be as basic or as lavish as you choose. The lighting could be a fluorescent panel in the ceiling or some fabulous lamps installed on either side of the bathroom vanity. The cabinet can be tiny or big enough to store your towels in. The floor can be tile, wood, carpet, or whatever you prefer.