A home gym could be the perfect room for your active lifestyle.

If you’re like many people, you probably don’t find a lot of free time for yourself. Work, kids, family, etc. can take up a great deal of your time making it near impossible to find time to work out. Installing a home gym in your basement could make it easier to work out with the meager time you do have available.


Home gyms have been the savior of many busy people who still want to stay in shape. For instance, you wake up in the morning, and have to gather your gym stuff, get in your car and drive to the gym, shower, and rush off to work. If you are running late or not well organized, you will probably find yourself skipping it on a regular basis.


Contrast that scenario with waking up, heading down to the home gym in the basement, slipping in as much of a workout as you can afford the time for on any given day, slipping into your own shower, and heading to work. Much more leisurely. Much more convenient. And probably much more likely that you will actually get in those workouts.


Home Gym 2 by Colorado Finished Basements

At Colorado Finished Basement, we have done home gyms for our clients in a variety of sizes. What kinds of equipment and amenities would be perfect for your home gym? Do you want a sauna or steam room attached, to relax after your workout? Do you want a certain type of flooring, depending on whether your main form of exercise is yoga or weights? Do you need a certain kind of lighting?


Whatever your home gym needs, we will build you a room in your basement . . . or any other area of your house . . . that will be perfect for your workout needs. If could be a small space with a few pieces of equipment, or it could be a larger space with a ballet bar and enough floor space for you and your friends to do a class together. If you like working out with a teacher, your home gym could even include a television screen where you could use workout dvds or workout TV shows. It could have a great sound system installed.


In other words, your home gym can really be your dream gym, perfectly set up for your needs and the way YOU like to do things.


Are you feeling inspired already? Do you have ideas for the perfect home gym? If so, we’d love to hear them. Why not give us a call at Colorado Finished Basement and set your home gym into motion today?

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