Basement Remodel


A new room for the kids

A brand new basement playroom can help you get the most use from every square foot of your home. When it comes to a basement playroom, you’ll first need to consider the type of activities you and your kids like to do. With younger kids,…

Basement Finishing Colorado

Upgrade your basement

Are you looking to upgrade your basement? If it is unfinished, you can add great value to your home by having it finished. With basement finishing, Denver homeowners get to make use of every square foot of their homes, for the purposes and activities they…


Extra space for your home.

Are you looking for extra space in your home? Have you considered that it is already there, beneath you, in the form of your basement? In Colorado, basements make up valuable real estate in a home, and if finished properly, can become a space the…


Added value for your home.

Is your basement unfinished, badly finished, boringly finished, or completely under-utilized? If you answered yes to any of those, you might be interested to know that with nicely finished basements, Colorado residents are able to add two types of value to their homes.