Basement Finishing and Remodeling by Colorado Finished Basements

Usable living space

As the cost of real estate in Colorado goes up, up, up, savvy homeowners are looking for ways to get the most use out of the space they already own. Why leave any of your potentially usable living space off the table? With basement remodels, Colorado homeowners can create any kind of room at all in their basements, and make the most of their homes.

Many homeowners wish for a certain type of room, or a way to expand their usable space. And yet, at the same time, their basements are frequently uninviting, unspecific spaces that don’t lend themselves well to what the homeowners need. With basement remodels, Colorado space-loving residents can have the advantage of:

1. An entertainment room, a play room, or even a home theater or media room. This can include whatever accessories you want, from a pool table to a giant flat screen tv with surround sound.

2. A family room or a lounge or bar area to entertain guests. Do you need a beautiful stained glass backdrop behind that new custom built bar? If so, please contact our sister company, Scottish Stained Glass for stunning custom designs. With these types of basement remodels, entertaining becomes so much more fun.

3. A home office, complete with as much built in storage as you might need to stay organized and motivated.

4. An extra guest bedroom, an extra bathroom (with built in sauna?), or an entire mother-in-law apartment including kitche