Colorado Finished Basements


Basement bedroom for family visits.

Have you considered adding another bedroom in the basement? If you haven’t, you might find that it’s a great enticement for family to come and visit. These days, many families are spread out around the country, or even in various countries. Not only is it…

Wet Bars and Wine Cellars by Colorado Finished Basements

Basement Bar

Are you considering adding a basement bar as part of your basement remodel? They make a fantastic addition to a finished basement with a family room, a game room, or an entertainment room. After all, what kind of entertainment doesn’t go down smoother with a…


Improve your basement space

What is the state of your basement? Is it completely unfinished? Partially finished, with still rough areas? Is it finished, but completely blah, unwelcoming, and pretty much unused? Have you considered improved basements, Colorado?