Colorado Finished Basements


Basement office to work from home.

Perhaps you have a business that you run from home. Or perhaps, like increasing numbers of Colorado residents, you have a job that lets you operate from home on a full time or occasional basis. In any case, you need a dedicated work space ….


Basement remodel for kids’ playroom.

There comes a time in many families’ lives when the kids don’t need so much supervision, and you can simply tell them to “go and play.” But where exactly do they go and play? Outdoors, if it’s nice and they are outdoors kind of kids….


Family Relaxing Area

Please don’t tell us that your basement is just a massive, unused cavern of dust balls, spider webs and wasted space! It could be put to so many better uses, including a family relaxing area such as an entertainment/media room, a pool, ping pong or…