Basement sauna

Have you been jonesing over a sauna, your very own sauna in your basement? Ahhh! Perhaps you hit the sauna every time you hit the gym, and have always wanted one in your own home. Can you imagine coming home from a hard day at work, or getting up on a lazy weekend morning, and relaxing with your partner in the sauna? Breathing in that incredible cedar smell? Wrapping up in a plush towel on your way out?


You’ll have loads of choices to make when you decide to add a sauna, from the size to the features. Do you want it big enough to lie down on the bench? Big enough for a whole family? Do you want it to be attached to a shower, so you can quickly cool off when you come out? (Traditionally, in Finland, people came out of the sauna and dove into either the snow, or a nearby river, but that is hardly practical.)


Do you want healing, infrared heat? Or a delightful wood-heated sauna, which will provide a lovely aroma and a soothing crackling sound to add to the relaxation benefits? (This will require some sort of chimney.) Or the popular electric sauna, perfect for any basement?


Whatever type or style of basement sauna you have in mind, Colorado Finished Basement has the expertise to build it for you.


Bathroom Remodel 1 by Colorado Finished Basements

Why not take a look at some of these gorgeous saunas on the website to whet your appetite?


A basement sauna is a great investment. It makes for a terrific selling point if you ever go to sell your home