Basement remodel for kids’ playroom.

There comes a time in many families’ lives when the kids don’t need so much supervision, and you can simply tell them to “go and play.” But where exactly do they go and play? Outdoors, if it’s nice and they are outdoors kind of kids. But what if they love video games or other noisy pursuits? And you don’t want to hear all that noise? A perfect solution might be a brand new basement playroom.

Depending on what your kids like to do, it could be build any size with any kind of features. Do your kids love ping pong? Make sure it’s big enough to fit in a table. Are they the video game types? Perhaps that giant flatscreen and a good sound system would keep them occupied and out of your hair for hours.

Whatever your kids like, a basement playroom is a great option. Whether your basement is already finished or just raw, empty space, we can build a playroom that will be the perfect size for fun. Knowing what kind of things your kids will do down there will help you make some of the necessary choices. Carpeting or easy to clean tile floors? Sound proofing and extra insulation or not? Chalkboard or cork walls or plain old walls with kid-proof easily washed paint? Bright cheery colors and tons of shelving? The entire basement, or broken up into a playroom and other rooms? Just let us know what you need and we will build it. Don’t be surprised if you like this room so much, you wind up hanging out there as well. In which case, we would have to call it the basement family room.

Colorado Finished Basement kids playroom

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