Added value for your home.

Is your basement unfinished, badly finished, boringly finished, or completely under-utilized? If you answered yes to any of those, you might be interested to know that with nicely finished basements, Colorado residents are able to add two types of value to their homes.

1. Added value in terms of the enjoyment and full utilization of your home.

2. Added value in terms of the actual appraised value of your home, which will be a big bonus when it comes time to sell it. According to an article on the website, “A basement finish equals a kitchen remodel as the best financial return of all home renovations, but only if the quality matches the rest of the house.”

When you work with Colorado Finished Basement, our fifteen years of experience and our outstanding BBB rating ensure that your basement remodel WILL match the quality of the rest of your home. It will be custom designed to your specifications and desires and expertly executed, down to the last detail.

So with the addition of finished basements, Colorado residents can not only have more square footage and the opportunity to add a certain type of room their home might otherwise be missing, they also get a good return on the investment.


Finished basements, Colorado homeowners are discovering, can be a great investment. What type of room have you always wanted in your home? Could you build such a room in your basement? We are talking about entertainment rooms, video game rooms, home theaters, home offices, extra bedroom or bathroom, a bar to entertain friends, or even a sewing room, a craft room, a music room (with proper soundproofing, of course) or a reading library. Which one catches your fancy? Or perhaps your basements in Colorado have so much square footage that you could fit several different rooms for several different purposes.

When it comes to finished basements, Colorado clients also have another money making idea for them aside from running home businesses out of them: rooms to rent, or the creation of an entire mother-in-law apartment to rent out. This is a great idea for a couple whose kids have flown the nest, have plenty of extra space, and would like some extra income when they retire. It’s also a great idea if your mother-in-law actually does need to move in, for some reason.

If you have any questions about finishing or remodeling basements, Colorado from the Front Range to the Western Slope, please give us a call today. We will set up a consultation, give you a bid, answer any questions, assign a dedicated project manager to your job, and assure you of quality work that will give you the basement you’ve always wanted.

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