Home Gym 2 by Colorado Finished Basements

A room for anyone

Do you love to do yoga at home, or run on your own treadmill, or workout to the oldies on your flat screen? Perhaps what you need to stay motivated and stay in shape is a brand new basement workout area.

You could build a room with the perfect kind of flooring for the type of workouts you like to do, furnish it with a flat screen, a stereo system, and any and all gym equipment you like to use. This room could be used by anyone and everyone in the family for their different workouts.

If your basement is just one big open space, or largely unfinished, Colorado Finished Basement can help turn it into a basement workout area that’s inviting and well appointed with the exact things you need.

Could you use a soft bamboo or padded floor for yoga or aerobics? Or how about a bit of insulation to make the basement workout area cozier and more inviting in Colorado’s sometimes frosty winters? Or maybe you might need some soundproofing so you can blast your tunes as loud as you need to keep your energy up, without bothering anyone else in the house?

Most people will only stick to a workout plan if it’s convenient. We can design and build a basement workout area that will be as convenient as possible to keep you motivated and comfortable. What could be more convenient than your own basement, fully outfitted for the types of workouts you like to do, made as comfortable and fully outfitted as possible?

How about a steam room, sauna, whirlpool or just a nice hot shower after your